Your work must be:

  • Original– You must have the right to distribute the content you publish. Copyrighted materials to which you do not have the rights are strictly prohibited.
  • Noncommercial– you aren’t trying to sell anything, make people click or collect email addresses.
  • News– concerning world events and developments.
  • True– must be completely accurate and unadultered
  • Suggestioned stories: personal, local and firsthand accounts of events you witnessed yourself. Issues that matter to a specific, defined region or community.



The following things are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN on

  • Unoriginal work. Shortcut: if you didn’t make it, don’t post it. Don’t copy from a blog or forum. More examples below…
  • – Articles from other news sites. Articles, images or videos that are not your original work will be deleted immediately.
  • – “Purchased” articles. There are websites that sell the rights to articles for reprint–GroundReport will not publish these articles. Again, all your posts must be original work– even if you own the rights.
  • Pornography, hate and obscenity. Anything sexual or hateful in nature or using gratuitously using strong language and expletives will be removed.
  • Commercial articles, advertisements and press releases. Anything linking to an affiliate or trying to sell something is strictly forbidden.

Taken from GroundReport



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